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Study 035 figure 6 – indinavir protocol 035 zidovudine experienced viral rna – proportions below 500 copies ml in serum.

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Information about Indinavir.

Indinavir may cause other side effectsCall your doctor if you have any unusual problems while taking this medication.

In addition to adequate hydrationmedical management in patients who experience nephrolithiasis/urolithiasis may include temporary interruptione.g1 to 3 daysor discontinuation of therapy.

Indinavir is used along with other medications to treat human immunodeficiency virusHIVinfectionIndinavir is in a class of medications called protease inhibitorsIt works by decreasing the amount of HIV in the bloodAlthough indinavir does not cure HIVit may decrease your chance of developing acquired immunodeficiency syndromeAIDSand HIV-related illnesses such as serious infections or cancerTaking these medications along with practicing safer sex and making other lifestyle changes may decrease the risk of transmitting the HIV virus to other people.

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5 of patients treated with indinavir discontinue therapy because of nephrolithiasis 7 of 2071 patients .

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